Election Information


Election Information

Below are the nominated candidates along with their platforms.



Ethan Dancer:

Ethan works as your Co-President for the Economics Students’ Association (ESA). Currently in his 4th year of the undergraduate degree, pursuing a double specialist in Rotman Commerce for Economics and Finance. As a President this year, he leads the entire ESA team, building stronger connections between the faculty's students and professors, initiating new and creative events, acting as a bridge to connect students with the employers, and providing each student a platform through which they can reach new heights in their career. He's excited for an interesting journey that lies ahead of the ESA in 2019. Your participation will make the year even more fruitful and a complete success.

Swareena Rajkhowa:


Vice-President Outreach:

Sameul Khan:


Derron Yu:


Hi everyone!

My name is Derron Yu, and I’m so excited to be running as your next Vice President of Outreach for the Economics Student Association. I’m currently a second year economics major double minoring in environmental studies and statistics. Why vote for me?

To begin with, I’m a pretty outgoing and extroverted person, but I’m also hardworking and dedicated. I’m always open to feedback and where I can improve. Next, my experience. Last summer, I worked as Membership Coordinator for a Chamber of Commerce, and networked with multi-million corporations in the GTA region. In a position like VP Outreach that requires constant back-and-forth, networking and communicative skills are qualities that I can leverage to improve the foundation of ESA.

If elected, I’ll create a more streamlined, accessible and inclusive platform for students to engage with professionals and professors. I’m so excited to represent and provide you guys with a great experience this upcoming year. 

I hope I've earned your vote; I can't wait to get started.

Vice-President Events:

Atakan Bakiskan:


Maheep Gurnani:

During my time in ESA, I’ve been given the opportunity to gain a hands-on role in the events of the past year. This experience has connected me to members of the Economics Department, introduced me to new friends with similar interests outside of the classroom as well as enhance my managerial and organizational abilities. I’ve noticed a lack of participation among lower-year students at our events. As VP, I hope to create new events that are curated for first and second year students along with fostering collaborative relations with the marketing committee to ensure timely updates reach our student body. With the combined efforts of all committees, I assure, as VP, that all necessary revisions are enacted towards the achievement of the association’s goals. 

Vice-President Marketing:

Sangavi Sivayokar:

Marketing is at the forefront when it comes to reaching out to the student body, with my previous experience working for ESA I believe I have the necessary organizational skills and ability to coordinate the marketing team to effectively promote events the ESA hosts for undergraduate students.

I understand the importance marketing holds, as I strongly believe attending events opens up opportunities for economics students to find both on campus and off campus opportunities to help them figure out where their passions lie and gain a greater sense of community.

Vice-President Finance:

Michael Xu: