• Hart House South Dining Room (map)
  • 7 Hart House Circle
  • Toronto, ON, M5S 3H3
  • Canada

Hi everyone! 

In today's day and age, personal branding is more relevant than ever. As talented Economics students, employers and peers in your professional sphere deserve to hear about you -- and it's up to you to communicate your value. 

If you want to learn about the nature of digital connections, how to develop a personal asset, and become a trusted resource, then look no more! The ESA's Personal Branding Workshop will be held on March 12th at the Hart House South Dining Room from 3 to 5PM. 

We are happy to announce that Sean Mullin from CPA Ontario will be running this valuable workshop. Complimentary food and drinks will also be available.

So come join us on March 12th and learn how to best position yourself. We hope to see you there!

To sign up, visit here and search up event "UTSG - CPA Ontario - Economics Students Association - Information Session"