• SK 548 (Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work) (map)
  • Faculty of Social Work, 246 Bloor Street West
  • Toronto, ON, M5S
  • Canada

ESA is proud to partner with BreakingBayStreet, founded by two graduates of the U of T MFE program, to offer professional development workshops. Join us for a workshop on November 5th and find out how BreakingBayStreet can help launch your career in capital markets.

Please register for the workshop below, and check out the descriptions for each of BreakingBayStreet's three sessions.



4 - 6 PM
Thursday, November 5, 2015



SK 548
Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work
246 Bloor Street West


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Read the descriptions for each Session below!

Session A – Introduction to Careers in Capital Markets

Course Length: 1.5 hours

Summary: This session will introduce students to the various Canadian capital market career opportunities, focusing on career paths most suited to undergraduates. Career paths to be discussed will include:

  • Investment Banking
  • Risk Management
  • Private Equity
  • Asset Management
  • Sales & Trading
  • Corporate Banking
  • Hedge Funds
  • Equity & Debt Research

Focusing on the careers listed above the presentation materials will include:

  • A high-level overview of each job’s function within the capital markets environment
  • An overview of the personality traits and cultures common to each career
  • Day-in-the-life discussions with commentary on lifestyle and work-life balance
  • Job-specific action items to maximize recruitment success for internships/full-time positions

In addition to defining each path, the discussion will include an overview of the culture, lifestyle and high- level salary expectations that an undergrad student will encounter in an entry-level role post-graduation.

Price Per Student: $20

Session B – Ninja Skills – Excel Tips and Tricks for Finance Careers

Course Length: 3 hours

Summary: This session will provide students with the necessary skills to efficiently learn to navigate Microsoft Excel. 

  • Format like a champion
  • Manipulate Data with ease
  • Master the most used shortcuts & formulas used on the Street
  • Refer to appendix for more details on shortcuts and formulas covered 

Price Per Student: $30

Session C – Introduction to Financial Modelling and Excel for Corporate Finance

Course Length: 8 hours

Summary: This session will provide students with the fundamentals required to build financial models using Microsoft Excel.

BreakingBayStreet would collaborate with the ESA to design a course program tailored to the needs of the class. Suggested topics would include:

  • Comparable Company Analysis: Building a comparables table in Excel, calculating enterprise value, valuation multiples and where to find the data
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation: How to value a company using a simple cash flow model

Price Per Student: $50