• Innis College, IN312 (map)
  • 2 Sussex Avenue
  • Toronto, ON, M5S 1J5
  • Canada

ESA is proud to present our first Coffee with the Profs event of the year! 

This round of discussion will feature Professor Yosh Halberstam, with discussions on the topic of Political Economy: Media and it's Effects on Voter Ideology - specifically as it pertains to the US electorate. Professor Halberstam will be providing a short talk on key themes in political economy such as media segregation and homophily, and how it affects media and voter ideology. 

This event will be held in comfortable quarters and will very much encourage discussion rather than presenting, and is a great opportunity to get to know professors and their areas of specialization within economics. 

We will be serving light snacks and refreshments - make sure to come out and join us for a fun afternoon!

Register here for the event: https://goo.gl/forms/8xjcGYQtVf0fxsek1