Akil Chowdhury, co-President



Year of study: 4th year

What I'm studying: Economics and Environmental Science

About Akil: I am Akil Abrar Chowdhury and I am your Co-President for the Economics Students’ Association (ESA). Currently, I am in my 4th year of the undergraduate degree, pursuing a double major in Economics and Environmental Studies. As one of your President this year, my responsibilities include leading the entire ESA team, building stronger connections between the students and the professors, initiating new and creative events, acting as a bridge to connect the students with the employers, and providing each student a platform through which they can reach new heights in their career. I am excited for an interesting journey that lies ahead of us. I hope your participation will make the year even more fruitful and a complete success.

Renuka Iyer, co-President



Year of study: 4th year

What I'm studying: Economics and Mathematics

About Renuka: As Co-President, Renuka works with Akil to ensure that ESA establishes sustainable relationships and and fulfills it’s mandate of student empowerment. She works closely with all ESA executives to ensure that projects and initiatives are run efficiently. Having been trained in Classical South Indian Dance, she retreats to the studio when school gets tough. Her hobbies include watching documentaries, travelling, and enjoying food with friends and family.

Swareena Rajkhowa, VP Events



Year of study: 3rd year

What I'm studying: Economics, Statistics, and Mathematics

About Swareena: As VP Events, Swareena will be responsible for the planning and execution of the events organized by ESA for its members. She will work closely with with all the ESA executives and the Events Coordinator to bring to ESA new and exciting events and expand on the exciting ones. Feel free to contact her if you have an interesting idea in mind that you might want to share and see come to live. Whenever time permits, Swareena loves cooking and baking for her family and friends and enjoying meeting new people.

Vincy lu, VP Marketing



Year of study: 4th year

What I'm studying: Economics, Statistics and Mathematics

About Vincy: As the VP of Marketing, her responsibility is to administrate all ESA promotions and advertising opportunities across the campus. She manages and directs the Marketing Committee to present ESA initiatives and events to all U of T Economics students. Her goal is to be an active voice and connect with more Economics students through various platforms, promoting the many events that ESA has to offer. In her free time, she travels and volunteers abroad and enjoys trying new things such as parasailing and scuba diving. Her other hobbies include playing the piano and kickboxing.

Ethan Dancer, VP Finance



Year of study: 3rd year

What I'm studying: Finance and Economics (Commerce)

About Ethan: As the Vice President of Finance, Ethan hustles to ensure the financial stability and efficient management of club funds while auditing the accounts and books for the association. His role is to fulfill a healthy financial position for our group throughout the year. Ethan always has a hand out as a friend to turn to if anyone from the department is interested in learning more about the field of finance. Having been raised as the eldest in a family with four siblings, he’s become the mom-friend in charge of making all the plans for the friend group. You’ll find Ethan all over the city playing board games, couponing and exploring the foodie scene in Toronto.

Michael Xu, VP Outreach



Year of study: 3rd year

What I'm studying: Economics, Statistics, and Mathematics

About Michael: Michael's main responsibility is to carry out a platform for all economics students where they can engage and network with department professors and industry professionals. He will bring the chance to reach out with professors that is accessible to everyone. He will also connect economics students with experts in the field of economics and build an environment where students can ask any questions they have, learn and build their career through networking events.